Sinochem Quanzhou One Million Tons of Ethylene and Refinery Reconstruction and Expansion Project by the end of 2019

Sinochem Quanzhou Petrochemical Co., Ltd.'s 1 million tons / year ethylene and oil refinery expansion project is located in Quanhui Petrochemical Industrial Zone (Dongqiao Town), Hui'an County, Quanzhou City, Fujian Province. Ton / year, construct 1 million tons / year ethylene project (including 800,000 tons / year aromatics) and related supporting storage and transportation, wharf and public engineering facilities. The total construction investment is about 30 billion yuan.

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Shenmu oil-rich 500,000 tons / year coal tar hydrogenation to naphthenic oil project fire protection coating project

Shenmu Fuyou Energy Technology Co., Ltd. 500,000 tons / year coal tar full-distillation hydrogenation to naphthenic oil project uses coal tar as raw material, adopts FTH complete set technology with independent intellectual property rights, and mid-to-high distillate hydrogenation to produce naphthenic oil Technology to produce naphtha, transformer oil, refrigerator oil, rubber filling oil, light white oil, food additive white oil, rubber plasticizer naphthenic mineral oil, jet fuel, etc.

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China National Petroleum Corporation Daqing Petrochemical Company's refinery structure adjustment and optimization reforming unit steel structure fireproof coating project

Daqing Petrochemical Company is a regional branch of China National Petroleum Corporation. It is based on crude oil, light hydrocarbons, and natural gas in Daqing Oilfield. It is engaged in oil refining, ethylene, plastics, rubber, chemical processing, liquid chemical, fertilizer, and chemical fiber production. Service large-scale petrochemical complex. Beginning in 2018, Daqing Petrochemical's refining structure was adjusted and optimized, and 1.2 million tons / year of continuous reforming units were newly built and 1.2 million tons / year of hydrocracking units were rebuilt.

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