J86-7 Chlorosulfonated Polyethylene High Concrete Structure Marking Paint

J86-7 Chlorosulfonated Polyethylene High Concrete Structure Marking Paint (double components)

Intended Uses With distinct weathering aging resistance and excellent acid, alkali and salt resistances, water, heat, cold and icon radiation, etc. resistance performances, good construction property and fast drying, it can construct at low temperatured has convinient use, bright-colored coat, fine gloss and color retentions. It can be widely used in labels of concrete chimney, transmission pole and other high-alititde structures and propetction painting.
Product Description It is prepared by CSPE rubber as basic material with modified resin, pigment, filler, additive, curing agent and organic solvent, etc. It is packed into Component A and Component B. (Bright red, white)
Product Information Volume Solids 20%
Dry Film Thickness 25 microns
Theoretical Coverage 200g/ m²,4.75m²/L(calculated by 25μm dry film)
Application Details Mix Ratio Component A : Component B =10:1(weight ratio)
Method of Application  
Brush or Roller Recommended, only for small area.
Conventional Spray Adoptable but thin to 5-10%, Tip range:2-2.5mm
Thinner X-1
Cleaner X-1
Pot Life 25℃:12h
Storage Life 6 months
Overcoating Interval
Minimum Maximum
25℃ 0.5 24 0.5 hours No limit
Painting number Paint 4 coats and dry film reaches 100μm。
Storage and Handing Storage Store in cool and dry conditions
Pack Size Component A20kg, Component B 2kg.
Flash Point Component A 10℃,Component B 16℃.
Specific Gravity Approx 0.95kg/L
Specification and Surface Preparation Concrete surface requires smooth without ore grain or loose object, oil stain or bur, etc. If surface is not neat, it shall screed with putty. It can not be painted until new concrete surface requirement reaches maintenance strength, if there is alkaline salinity separated on surface, 10~15% zinc sulfate and zinc chloride solvents can be used to wash and clean white precipitate when surface dry. Concrete surface requires being dry with water-adding volume less than 85%.
Limitations Environment temperature: -5℃-40℃, relative humidity ≤85%.
Safety Precautions This product should be used in painting area by professional operations. When painting, please refer to Product Data Sheet and MSDS. Consult our company if consumers could not completely understand the precautions for safety and health when applying this product.
This product is a kind of solvent-based paint. In order to avoid danger or accident, minimal safety precautions, as follow, should be done;
The paint contains volatile solvent and is flammable. So must keep away form sparks and open flames. No smoking at application site. Effective precautions (such as using explosion-proof electrical equipments, no static electricity accumulation or metal collision etc) also should be done so as to avoid producing sparks. Flash point of paint, mentioned above o Product Data Sheet, is the lowest temperature at which mixture of the volatile materials of paint can ignite or explode with air.
Enough ventilation is necessary at application site. In order to remove any danger of explosion, must keep the ratio of gas to air is less than 10%, the minimum explosive limit in general. Therefore, 200m3 of ventilation quantity per 1kg solvent (according to the solvent) is necessary.
Protect skin and eyes, and avoid touching with paints (Recommend to wear working clothes, gloves, eye protection, face masks, barries creams and so on). If paint gets in touch with skin, wash fully with a large amount of fresh water and soap or appropriate commercial cleaner. In case of eyes being contaminated, rinse with fresh water for 10min at least and give medical treatment immediately.
Recommend face guard with ventilation pipe for the sake of no absorption of paint fog and harmful solvent gas, especially in bad ventilation. Handle empty containers with care and do not bring about environmental contamination.
NOTICE: If consumers have not taken effective safety precautions (Refer to the specifications), out company will NOT be responsiblefor any accident.