Chengdu East Railway Station Steel Structure Anticorrosion Fire Protection Project

The Chengdu New Passenger Station comprehensive transportation hub is located in the Shahebao area on the inner side of the East Third Ring Road and south of Yinghui Road. It integrates railway passenger transportation, road long-distance and tourist passenger transportation, urban rail transit, urban bus, rental and social parking functions into one day The volume is expected to reach 300,000. The land area of the station is 1,160 mu, and the construction area of the station building is about 100,000 square meters (excluding auxiliary facilities), which is four times the area of the North Railway Station station building.

With excellent product quality and sincere technical services, our company has contracted all steel structure anti-corrosion and fire-resistant coating projects in Chengdu Railway Station, with a total area of about 400,000 square meters.