Anti-corrosion and fire protection engineering for steel structure of Gui'an Station

Gui'an Station is located in Gui'an New District, a national-level new district. It is a newly-built Gui'an New District hub station for the passenger-only line of Changsha-Kunming Railway. It integrates high-speed rail, express rail, subway, urban bus, rental, long-distance passenger transport, and social vehicle transfer. Large integrated transportation hub. The construction area of the first phase of Gui'an Station is 61,000 square meters, with a length of about 281 meters, a width of 181 meters, a height of about 42 meters, and an exit corridor of 56 meters in width. It is the largest high-speed rail station in the west part of Guizhou, Shanghai-Kunming high-speed rail, and it is also the largest passenger high-speed rail station in the province after Guiyang North.

Our company has contracted the steel structure anti-corrosion and fire-proof construction works of Gui'an Station station building, rain canopy and side-type grid.