Anticorrosion and fire protection of steel structure of PetroChina Anning Refinery Project

Anning Refinery of China National Petroleum Corporation, also known as the Yunnan Refinery or Kunming Refinery, is located in the PetroChina Refinery Base Industrial Park. It is one of the main supporting projects for the China-Myanmar oil and gas pipeline. An oil refining and chemical enterprise with a capacity of 10 million tons of crude oil. The construction of the China-Myanmar oil and gas pipeline and the Anning refinery is a milestone in the development of Yunnan's petrochemical industry. It is conducive for China to resolve the risk of energy transportation, and it is of great significance to improve the situation of the North China Petroleum Transportation and the layout of the Chinese petrochemical industry.

Our company participated in the construction of the steel structure anticorrosion and fire protection project of the sulfur recovery device and other devices in this project.