Anti-corrosion project of Maoming Branch of China Petroleum and Chemical Corporation

Maoming Chemical is a subsidiary of China Petroleum and Chemical Corporation. Founded in 1955, Maoming Chemical is one of the 156 key projects during the country's "Five-year Plan." After more than 50 years of development, Maoming Petrochemical has become one of the largest oil refining and chemical enterprises in China. At present, the company's primary crude oil processing capacity exceeds 20 million tons / year, ethylene production capacity is 1 million tons / year, and it has complete supporting facilities such as power, ports, railway transportation, crude oil and refined oil pipelines, and offshore crude oil handling systems. The company's oil refining and chemical products sell well throughout the country and are exported to international markets. The company's annual sales income exceeds 100 billion yuan, and annual taxes paid exceed 20 billion yuan. It is a well-known large taxpayer in Guangdong Province.

Our company has contracted all the anti-corrosion coating projects for this project and maintained long-term cooperative relations.